Surah At-Tin (Arabic: التين, "Fruit Tin") is the 95th sura of the Qur'an. This Surah consists of 8 verses and suras belonged Makkiyah. Sura was revealed after surah Al-Buruj. At-Tin's name is taken from At-Tin words contained in the first verse of this surah, which means fruit Tin.

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Summary of contents

Surah at-Tin begins with the oath of God who calls Tin fruit, fruit Olives, Mount Sinai, and Mecca (​ ​paragraphs 1 to 4). The next verse explains that man is created in the best shape. Even so, people will eventually be returned to where the lowest or the most despicable, if not the command of God. People who will survive the humiliation is a person who believe and do righteous and they will get the reward constant. Verse 7 explains that Muhammad is the messenger of God, whose teachings should not be didustakan. The last verse states that God is "Judge the Most Fair"


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