Surah Al-Hijr (Arabic: الحجر, al-Hijr, "Al-Hijr") is the 15th sura of the Qur'an. This Surah consists of 99 verses and sura-sura belonged Makkiyah. Al-Hijr is the name of a mountainous region inhabited by the ancient Thamood located on thethe edge of the the road between Medina and Sham ( Syria ). The name of this sura was taken from a mountainous region that, since the fate of the population that is described in paragraph Thamood 80 to 84, they have destroyed God, because it belied the Prophet Salih and turn away from the verses of Allah. In this sura there are also stories of other folk who have been destroyed by God as the Lot and the Syu'aib. This surah also contains a message that people who oppose the teachings of the apostles would experience destruction.

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Principles of contents

1. Faith: Confirmation of the fate of a nation only in the hands of God, God guarantees the purity of the Koran over the period; malakut nature (sky) is always protected from the devil; content provided sustenance to humans according to the wisdom of the wisdom of God, God preserve His servants who have received Taufiq from temptation Satan, God is forgiving and merciful side also punish those who disbelieve; people gathered on the Day of Resurrection.

2. The laws: Prohibition against homosexuals; obligation to worship during the life ban infidels want treasure; command to Prophet Muhammad SAW for doing missionary religion openly; ban despair of Allah's mercy.

3. The stories: Abraham a.s. with his people; Prophet Lut a.s. with his people; the Salih a.s. Syu'aib and the (Thamud).

4. And others: The events in this nature show the greatness of God, natural occurrence and its contents contain wisdom; wind mated pollen of flowers; it come about Adam.


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