Surah Ash-Shams (Arabic: الشمس) are all 91 chapters in the Koran, consisting of 15 paragraphs, including class Makkiyah suras, revealed after surah Al-Qadr. Named after Ash Shams (sun) taken from the words of Ash Shams contained in the paragraph beginning of this surah.

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Principles of contents

God gave the shadow that it is easy for Him, just as easily create objects of nature, day and night, and created the soul in his oath, God tells man piety street and road disbelief; humans have the freedom to choose between the two road.

Ash Shams letter containing the human impulse to cleanse his soul in order to get luck in the world and the Hereafter and declare that God will inflict punishment on those who pollute their souls as well as Thamood.

Relations with the letter Al Lail

Ash Shams letter explaining that the person who purifies his soul will get lucky and those who pollute the soul will be punished of God, being the letter of Al Lail explained that acts that purify the soul so as to produce profits and acts that pollute the soul so as to produce losses.


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