Surah Al-Lail (Arabic: اليل, al-Layl, "Night") are all 92 chapters in the Qur'an. This Surah consists of 21 verses, including the group Makkiyah suras, revealed after Sura Al-A'la. This letter is named Al Lail (night), taken from Al Lail words contained in the first paragraph of this surah.

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Asbabun Nuzul

There are some who preach Asbabun Nuzul history (the causes of the decline), sura al-Lail, among others from Ibn Hatim, Al-Hakim, and al-Bazzar. In the history of Ibn Hatim said that the sura al-Lail down regarding the curmudgeonly owner of the palm trees. Told that the owner of the palm tree has a tree that mayangnya panhandle down to the indigent neighbor's home and have many children. Each time the fruit, she plucked a result of his neighbor's home, but if these dates fall and collected by the children of indigent neighbor, he immediately take it away. Even that has been entered into the mouths of children were also forced to release. Then, people complain it is indigent to the Prophet Muhammad, who promised to solve the problem. The Prophet then met with the owner of dates and said, "Give me a mayangnya palm tree sticking into the house of the Anu, and your share instead palm tree in heaven." The owner of the palm tree said, "Only so many hosts offer? I have a lot of palm trees and palm trees that were asked were best men." Then the owner of the palm trees were gone. Discussion was heard by a philanthropist who came to the Prophet and said, "Is it true master bid me, if it has menjadai palm tree is mine?" He replied "Yes." The man later met the owner of the palm tree. The owner of the palm tree said, "Did you know that Muhammad SAW promising palm tree in heaven instead of palm trees that mayangnya sticking to my neighbor's house? And that I have noted his offer, but its fruit is truly amazing, and I had a lot of palm trees, and none selebat tree that. " People were generous bberkata, "Are you going to sell it." He replied, "No, except if there are people who can comply with my wishes, but surely no one would be able to." Generous man said again, "How much do you want?" He said, "I want forty palm tree." He was silent and then said again, "You have to do with it, whether I give unto you 40 palm trees, and I ask the witness if you really want to exchange them." He summoned his friends to witness that exchange. Generous it was facing to the Prophet and said, "O Messenger of Allah! Date palm tree it has become mine and I'll leave to the lord." Prophet Muhammad then meet with the indigent, "Take this palm tree for you and your family." Then go down the whole sura al-Lail that distinguish the position and due to the stingy with generous people.

Other narrations mention, that most of the surah Al-Lail down concerning generosity of Abu Bakr. Al-Hakim said that paragraph 5 until the last verse of this sura kedermawaan down with respect to Abu Bakr who liberate slaves of the weak. While the history of Ibn Hatim sourced from Urwah mentioning Abu Bakr had been freed seven slaves who tortured her employer because believe in Allah, so come down verses 17 to 21 of this surah in respect kedermawaannya. Another History also says that verse 19 to 21 of this sura down with respect to kedermawaan Abu Bakr.

Principles of the contents of Al Lail

Human effort is different, because the reward is also different; people who like charity, cautious and confirmed the existence of God facilitated a good reward for him doing the good that leads to happiness in the afterlife, but the people who facilitated God for him to do the crimes that lead to misery in Hereafter, the property will not be going to benefit him; man who felt himself quite stingy and deny the existence of a good reward.

Surat Al Lail testified that deeds-deeds are done with sincere merely seeking the pleasure of God is what brings happiness in the Hereafter.

Relations with Surat Al Lail Surah Ad-Duha

In the letter Al Lail explained that people who do God's will be made easy taqwa taqwa deeds so as to obtain happiness. Meanwhile in the Adh-Dhuhaa letter explained that the luck of the Hereafter is better than luck in the world


1. ^ Reported by Ibn Hatim and others from al-Hakam ibn Abban of Ikrimah sourced from Ibn Abbas.

2. ^ Reported by al-Hakim of Amir ibn Abdullah bin Zubair that comes from his father named Zubair.

3. ^ Reported by Ibn Abi Hatim sourced from Urwah.

4. ^ Reported by al-Bazzar sourced from Ibn Zubair.


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