Surah Az-Zariyat (Arabic: الذاريات, "The Flying Wind") is the 51st sura of the Qur'an. It belongs sura surah Makkiyah which consists of 60 verses. Named Az-Zariyat which means wind is taken from The Flying Az-Zariyat words contained in the first verse of this surah.

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Key Points of Contents

  • Faith

    o How are the people who believe in heaven as a reward for the righteous obedience

    o God made man and jinn to worship Him

    o provision of God as the giver

    o hell as the reward of disbelievers

  • Laws

    o Prohibition of other divinities besides Him God

    o The Command turn away from the idolaters who headed the stone and give a warning and instruction to the believers

    o On the property there are rights of the poor person

  • Stories

    o Prophet Ibrahim a.s. with the angel who came to his house

    o Moses a.s. by Pharaoh

    o The 'Ad and Thamud

    o Noah a.s. with his people

  • Others

    o All things created by God with pairs

    o The man's own self there are signs of Allah


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