Surah Maryam (Arabic: مريم, Mary, "Mary") is the 19th sura of the Qur'an. This Surah consists of 98 verses and sura-sura belonged Makkiyah because almost all the verses revealed before the Prophet Muhammad migrated to Medina, even before the friends he migrated to the land of Ethiopia. According to the history of Ibn Mas'ud, Ja'far bin Abi Talib recited the beginning of surah Maryam Najasyi this to the king and his followers at the time he was co-migrate along other friends to the land of Ethiopia.

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Sura is named for Mary, because this letter contains the story of Mary (or Mary in the Christian religion), the mother of Prophet Isa AS. This Surah tells the miraculous birth, where he gave birth to Jesus, the U.S. is he has not previously been clocked by a man. The birth of Jesus the U.S. without a father, is testimony to the power of Allah SWT. Explication story of Mary as an extraordinary occurrence and magic in this sura, beginning with the story of another miraculous event, namely the granting of the prayer the prophet Zechariah U.S. by God Almighty, where he wanted was awarded a son as heir and progressors ideals and beliefs, while he was already very old and his wife is a woman who was barren.

Main content

Contents of the chapters include:

1. Faith: God desired to do something according to him, though distorted and the laws of nature; U.S. Jesus was not son of God because God is impossible to have children; Gabriel down to the apostles bring the revelation of God's command, on the Day of Judgement infidels to God individually, all humans will face God as a servant.

2. The stories: God hears Zakaria U.S. to have children; the story of Jesus born in the U.S. without a father, the story of Abraham with his father, Musa, a man chosen by God; Ismail AS a true in his promise; U.S. Idris a very strong belief.

3. And others: The threat to people who leave prayers and follow the desires and the good news for those who have repented and do righteous deeds; state in heaven, let those who go astray after being given instructions wallowing in misguided is the sunnah of Allah .


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