Surah Al-Kausar (Arabic: الكوثر) are all 108 suras in the Qur'an. It belongs sura surah Makkiyah and consists of 3 paragraphs. Al-Kausar word itself means a lot and taken pleasure from the first verse of this sura means gift of God Almighty in the form of Al Kautsar lake for the people of Paradise. Main content of this sura is the command salat and sacrifice for God to give much pleasure to those who have faith to unbelievers while the haters who said the Prophet Muhammad because all descendants of the Prophet cut off his son's death then surely they are disconnected. (See Tafseer Ibn Kathir and Tafsir Al Azhar).

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Relations with the surah Al-Kausar surah Al-Kafirun

In surah Al-Kauthar God commanded that subjugate themselves to God, is in surah Al-kafirs ditandaskan command again.


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