Surah Ash-Shura (Arabic: الشورى) is the 42nd sura of the Qur'an. This sura surah makkiyah classified, consisting of 53 verses. Named Ash-Shura, which means the Council is taken from the word Syuura contained in paragraph 38 of this surah. In verse was placed one of the basics of the Islamic government is deliberation. This Surah is also sometimes called Ha Mim 'Ain Sin sura QAF since it begins with the letters hijaiyah it.

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Key Points of Contents

  • Faith

    o The arguments about God the Almighty to explain the occurrence of heaven and earth, rain, sailing ship in the ocean safely and so on

    o God gave to His servant provision of a certain size in accordance with their well-being and fit well with his wisdom and knowledge

    o God gave boys and girls to whom He wills, or does not give the child one

    o The ways of God delivered His word to man

    o The main points of religion that brought the apostles is the same.

  • Legal

    There is no basis to prosecute people who defend themselves.

  • Others

    o Description of how the infidels and the believers situation later in the afterlife

    o Giving forgiveness is better than the reply but the reply not to exceed the limits

    o Those who disbelieve urged Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. in order to hasten the arrival of doomsday

    Liabilities o messenger only to deliver his message.


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